Project: The opening of The Macallan winter terrace at the at The Ritz-Carlton (O2 Lounge)

Artist: Margo Trushina

Date: October 26, 2018

Adress: Moscow, The Ritz-Carlton

Everal collaborated on the brand The Macallan and international artist Margo Trushina. Especially for this project, the artist created a neon art-installation «Posthuman» on the glass winter terrace at The Ritz-Carlton, which is in line with the idea of ‘High Tea’. The strategy was to inform high-class audience about The Macallan terrace and give better whisky expertise and learning about brand for loyal consumers.

The event provided PR-able viral content and allowed to maximise brand’s media footprint via high profile audience: press, celebrities, trendsetters (150 persons). Press: Rambler, PeopleTalk,, OK Magazine,, InStyle


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